My Little Welsh Cake… Llanerch Vineyard Cardiff

I was sat in the car outside Sainsbury’s … like you do…

I had just rung off on a call to my mum while she answered the door

” I will ring you straight back love ” she said

Then my phone rang…

I had a car full of noisy kids… bags of shopping around my feet…

I was stressed out to shit

and without even looking I answered my phone

What happened next was a 45 minute phone call that instead of cringing that I had spoken to a bride with a car full of horrific noise and defrosting shopping I was literally chair bouncing…

When Jody finished our call I already knew in my heart that I was shooting her wedding and I knew that she did too

It’s not very often in life that you connect with someone… really connect… but connect we did …

I rocked down to Llanerch Vineyard near Cardiff to shoot her wedding

It was like coming home

I learned lots of things about Cardiff

* you can’t have a wee on the A483

* that it is possible to raise two beautiful kids who actually like each other

* welsh cakes are little slabs of joy that came down from heaven above

* I made a friend for life


Jody and Paul… and your two amazing kids ( like seriously …how did you raise them to be so lovely ? )

I still thank you from the bottom of my heart for accepting me like I was one of your own family…

It really was a perfect day wasn’t it …

Shall we do it again ?


Beth & Adam… Owen House Wedding Barn

I have just ventured out with my little dog for some air… we walked the marsh and watched the birds swoop and glide into the river…. how on earth do the poor little mites stay warm when its so icy outside… my heart bleeds for them

It’s on days like today when your breath hangs like a cloud in the air and your fingers burn with the frost that its easy to long for Spring to come … to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again… but we must never wish our life away should we… not one precious second of it

I came back to my toasty office and chose these two instead to remind me of warmer days

Beth & Adam…

It was such a beautiful day wasn’t it …


Thank you for thawing my frozen cockles and making my cheeks ache with something other than the cold x

much love



NatalieDecember 6, 2016 - 8:23 pm

What a gorgeous day! Your work is so full of character! Shot beautifully x

Faye & Bruce… A West Mill Derby Wedding


Hello… its ME… I know … I KNOW… don’t have a go…

Just forget I have been missing in action…

pounded by wave upon wave of weddings….

drowning in a sea of editing….

just enjoy the fact that…


Do you know what though … talking of drowning

I haven’t blogged for bloody ages and then…on Facey… I saw a post from Faye’s stunningly fit mum ( serious life goals ) scuba diving somewhere fabulously exotic and looking absolutely amazing…as always… even dressed in rubber….

( here’s me… I wont even wear a tankini in my own garden !!! what’s that about ! )


check out  Below The Surface if diving floats your boat

(they are THE best )

it reminded me about the fact that I have been sitting on this hidden little pearl for far too long …

I haven’t got time to write a whole long post about just how flipping fabulous the whole day was as

I am seriously in love with this venue…what a plaice 😉  !!!

The West Mill


( it’s Friday … I have no weddings tomorrow… and my fridge is full of wine !!! I mean…. come on !!! priorities lol )

but trust me…. it was a belter

These two are just the cockles !!! seriously… I absolutely bloody loved them

They sent me a gorgeous thank you and some pics of two of my images vvvvvvvvv ( this one of the switches ) and another framed


on the walls in their gorgeous home as ART…

I felt like an honest to goodness artist… straight up … sniff

I will be signing autographs and producing limited edition prints as soon as the fridge is empty… chin chin X



ps… Faye and Bruce… I cant even begin to tell you how happy I felt seeing those prints in your home … I know you love your wedding pics too but that …seriously… warmed my heart and made me feel all ….like a creative darling xx thank you my loves xx

Carol LloydOctober 10, 2016 - 6:06 pm

Absolutely fantastic photos so very talented Andrea Ellison ❤☺

Cat & Paul… The Asylum Peckham

I know I am normally of good chipper

happy if I can raise a smile off you my lovely blog readers ( all two of you lol )

I have typed this about five times trying my hardest to be a bloody little ray of shiny sunshine for you all

but it’s a shite ask this last couple of weeks… I just don’t have it in me no matter how hard I try…

so anyway here I am and this is my best shot

 A culmination of my birthday ( now just a permanent reminder that I no longer get to share another birthday with my Dad )

two sudden bereavements of sweet sweet people who made more of an impression on me than they will ever know

( I wish I had told them how much they brightened my life while I had the chance )

 One of them the elderly Dad of my dear departed best friend Mandi ( I will miss his chats and hugs just like I still miss hers )

Bittersweet in all honesty as I know it has been his wish to join her since she left us but a loss just the same of a true gentleman

The other…  my lovely lovely Doreen… my Slimming World Mum of ten years… sudden and heartbreaking

  I have been feeling overwhelmed…

drowning in memories I normally keep well buried because letting them surface just quite frankly hurts too much

I have done the only thing I know how to do when I feel life is closing in on me…

I have walked… wellies on… coat pulled up tight… one foot in front of the other… miles and miles… my scruffy little dog has never been happier

Mid walk today I shook myself off and decided I need to get a grip and maybe just fake it until I could make it again

and so…

 I thought I better throw myself into something… take my mind of stuff

Blogging always makes me feel better…. I use my personal posts as a dump for my soul often

Then this happened

Quietly browsing for something to blog

I found these two blessings … or maybe they found me… who knows

Their beautiful… bonkers… mental… crazy… brilliant… madness filled wedding day in London

A warm hug of a reminder that not all of my memories are melancholy…

Some are simply utterly joyous and fill me to the brim with bursting ear to ear happiness

Thank you Cat & Paul

I needed you today


Sharron BlackMarch 10, 2016 - 9:33 pm

what an absolutely happy, fun filled, joyous day that looks! No wonder it made your spirits lift!

Big hugs to you for your sads.

keep doing what you do, and spreading those smiles far and wide, no matter how you feel inside…and remember always look upwards…never backwards

love always

me xxxx

Mandy RigbyMarch 10, 2016 - 9:52 pm

Andrea…. what a beautiful beautiful wedding with so much love and fun !
no wonder you felt so uplifted lovely girl !
the company… the deliriously happy couple .. and the stunning venue !
and you xxx
well done ! its a corker !!

I so feel for your loss… I truly do lovely xx

BIG Love
Mand xx

ShirleyMarch 11, 2016 - 8:46 pm

Amazing photos Andrea. Your work speaks volumes and displays such happy times. Xxx

NatalieMarch 16, 2016 - 9:38 am

Your work is as beautiful as you are inside and out. I’m so sorry you are going through so much pain at the minute. Keep on walking, keep on writing and shoot for you. I always shoot for me when I get overwhelmed and it helps so much. You are a wonderful person and I am so sure you lit a part of the life in each souls you have lost…..xx

Rebecca & Nick…A tattooed beauty of a wedding at The Master Builders, Hampshire

I havent blogged for flipping ages it seems…. a summer ram packed full of weddings and edits has put paid to that… but as Winter approaches

 ( although judging by my dog walk this morning its already bloody here…how did that happen ? ) my weddings aren’t coming at me in quite as quick fire succession like buses anymore so I am taking an hour or so to blog… its been a looooooooooong time !!! good job good old apple remembered my log in password as I have no clue what the heck it is now….

I just know it has at least three olympic medal winning swear words…a line of a nursery rhyme… a random number and a capital letter…

( F !! … cant you tell I was pissed off trying to get one accepted )

Anyway….. what better way to break my blogging drought than with this one ….

I absolutely god damn LOVE LOVE LOVE this gang !!!

I met them first in Italy when I shot Carina and Carl’s wedding and it was a blast to see them all again at Rebecca & Nicks gorgeous wedding at The Master Builders in Hampshire.… I honestly felt like I was at the wedding of a big gang of old friends and the large wine that was thrust in front of me the second I arrived  pretty much set the tone to what was an amazing two days

Rebecca & Nick…. Carina & Carl and all the rest of you beautiful beautiful people …can we do it again next year ?

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sandyNovember 11, 2015 - 3:05 pm

Absolutely gorgeous weddign Andrea, what a fab couple, love them all x

Rebecca FletcherNovember 11, 2015 - 7:52 pm

OH my God! I absolutely love this 🙂
Thank you so much for being there on our special day, it would never have been anyone but you shooting us. It was like having your favourite crazy auntie there and, I must say the stories the night before about crusty feet had me in utter stitches!
I love you millions, you insanely talented and fabulous woman!

Thank you


adminNovember 11, 2015 - 11:09 pm

hahahaha no way you remembered that !!!!!! hahahahah I’m actually piddling here !!!!!

Claire RobinsonNovember 12, 2015 - 6:18 pm

Love your words. Your photos make me weep they are so gorgeous!!!! How can one lady be so talented? Xxxx