A Delamere Events Tipi Wedding… Kate & Baz

March 21, 2018 | Weddings

 “It isn’t about the details or the backdrop… it’s about love… It’s about family… it’s about where you have come from… and where you are going ”

The Parson’s

Nothing reminds me more of these words than this wedding… If you have never seen it check out the video on the home page of The Parson’s website … grab tissues first mind…you will need them )… I use it as an example when I mentor and it’s absolutely perfect…

This was one such wedding… it was an all round incredibly beautiful day… filled to bursting with utterly beautiful handmade touches in THE most stunning location…. I joked with Kate and Baz that it was actually the equivalent of ” wedding photographer porn”…. I was doing absolute photographer happy dances as it ticked every single box possible as they had worked tirelessly to make sure that all their guests had the most beautiful day ever.

An utterly perfect backdrop…with incredible handmade details and yet what struck me most of all and what has stayed with me every single day since… was that it wasn’t just the place or the things (as magical and beautiful as they truly were ) but the incredible group of people that had come together to celebrate and share in the love and joy of this day with Kate and Baz…

THE most chilled out couple I have ever had the honour of photographing with THE warmest group of family and friends… these were MY sort of people and I could not have been happier.

And so as I share this blog with you….. I lift my face to the sky and pray to the wedding Gods for more weddings exactly like this one….

and if they happen to look just like this too… well… then that would be just marvellous.

Love Andrea x

ps…check out Kate’s amazing instagram page too…. httpss://www.instagram.com/ourfloatinghome/ 

I am currently living my narrowboat life out precariously through her and feeding my brand new addiction to Anthropology

pps… thanks to Emma from Luna & Soul who helped shoot this gorgeous day with me

A wedding in a tipi in Delamere Forest with a bride wearing a Wilderness Bride wedding two piece wedding dress

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