A Portmeirion Engagement… Helen & Danny

March 25, 2014 | Engagements

A couple of weeks ago I got to meet this gorgeous pair for their Engagement shoot in the stunning Portmeirion…. even though it was a flat grey day there is so much colour to be seen that it is always glorious whatever the weather.

We met there just before their upcoming wedding as it was the place that Danny first proposed to Helen… so it was lovely for them to go back together and for me to tag along too.. (I never need much of an excuse to go to Portmeirion tbh)

While we were walking Helen started to tell me all about the proposal the year before and how they walked for ages before Danny found the perfect spot on the beach to go down on one knee….little knowing that a visitor had watched the whole thing…

 right next to them sitting on a rock was a tiny robin….as they stood there he bounced up to them as bold as brass and then happily followed them never more than inches away all the way back to the village…..

 every time Helen see’s a robin now it reminds her of Danny and his proposal….

sweet or what!

So we shoot our pics…chatting away merrily about the wedding … and then the weirdest thing happened … as we were all walking back to the car Helen turned around and there he was….

Their sweet little robin…he bounced right over to us all…inches away…eyeing us knowingly ….and he proceeded to follow us all the way back to the car……he stayed with us for ages and was still watching us until we finally drove away.

I don’t know what he was trying to tell us but to me it almost seemed like he remembered them and was wishing them well

I shoot their wedding on Saturday….I hope I see a robin xx


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