A year filled with promise…

January 28, 2015 | Engagements, personal

This year is already filled with magical promise for my little business… I am still pinching myself to make sure its real

With my books already full to bursting with incredible weddings I also get to fly back out to Santa Maria in Salerno, Italy not once… but twice..

The first time to shoot another fabulous wedding…and the second…well….

The second time I get to share its magic with an intimate group of other photographers as one of the hosts on an incredible photography retreat… and I cant wait until we can share the details with you

“It’s truly hard to explain how Santa Maria draws you in…  a wonderful mix of ingredients each playing it’s own unique part

the open friendly charm of the people… even after 9 months away they always remember my name

the sweet little town itself… quiet yet busy… the chatter constant in the square… it’s array of quaint little shops and cafes

the very air around you makes you want to fill your lungs until they burst…

and the sea!… in shades of aquamarine you never thought possible, clear and crystalline as you walk straight in and feel enveloped by it’s warmth …

and amongst all that… nestling in the hills… is The Garden Riviera…my Italian home from home and I cant wait to see them all again

All these ingredients tossed together in that casual way that only the Italians seem to manage helps to create a little slice of pure magic “

  With the tourists passing it by for its more famous neighbours Sorento and Amalfi

Santa Maria still remains a secret little gem

Is it wrong to say that for that I am selfishly happy

Sometimes the tumbles and twists of life… lift us up and drop us into a place that marks us in a way that changes our course forever
 Santa Maria Di Castelabatte and its people did just that for me
It’s my own private love affair
So…this year more than any other I am filled with excitement for the journey that photography is taking me on..
I wonder if my Dad knows that by leaving me his cameras he changed my life in a way that I would never ever have imagined possible
I truly hope so
and so….here is another slice of what life with my camera brings …  meet Bev and Paul 
you will be seeing more of them on here when I finally get to blog their wedding
but for now



  1. Claire Penn Photography

    WOW…. this pair are too cool for school! Gorgeous. Love these Andrea… xxxx

  2. Tracey

    Amazing pictures Andrea xx

  3. Bev Hayes

    I love our photos!!!! You made us look fab!! 🙂 xxx

  4. Sandy

    truly gorgeous work! Xx

  5. Victoria

    Great mood in these pictures Andrea!


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