Abby & Dave… A Grasmere, Lake District Wedding { part 2 sneak peek }

November 4, 2013 | Weddings


On Wednesday this gorgeous pair got married…in the Lakes…in the rain… and it was awesome !

I was lucky enough to be asked to venture along to 2nd shoot for my photo bestie Claire Penn who was shooting Abby & Dave’s actual wedding day and you can see a sneak peak of part one of Abby & Dave’s wedding and those amazing rainy images right here on Claire’s blog

  Claire Penn, Grasmere, Lakes Preview

These two just were just incredible…. We looked out after their wedding onto the wettest..most rainiest of Lake District days. They looked at each other and then just said …fuck it !!!

So out we all went… armed with brollies to start with (until we gave up) and then just got wet…very.. very.. very WET

Abby is a wedding photographer herself…so she knows you only get one shot at it on your wedding day… if she didn’t make the most of what the weather had dished up she wouldn’t ever get another chance… I applaud her for embracing the storm and just going for it ! She got the images that she wanted to remember her day by and her dress dried just fine.

On Saturday Abby & Dave had arranged a big family blessing in a tiny church hall filled with autumn leaves for an aisle and candles twinkling … Claire was already booked for a London wedding so I ventured back to the Lakes to record part 2 of their wedding celebrations… it still rained… we still got wet … and it was still awesome !

A perfect bit of team work all round

Abby & has been an absolute pleasure to meet you both and huge thanks to Claire for inviting me along x


  1. Claire Penn Photography

    Love. Bloody gorgeous. Wish I could have been there for the Saturday too! xxx

  2. Mandy B

    Just gorgeous! How lucky were Abby and Dave to have two of my favouritist non fair weather photographers! x

  3. Lucy Woodrow

    Breathtakingly beautiful. That black and white one with the train has to be one of my all time faves of yours xx

  4. Abby Nelson

    Oh my god there is blue sky on the top one!! Couldnt see that one phone!lol

  5. Tracy Morter

    Oh gosh I adore the black and white one, so old school romantic!


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