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February 7, 2013 | personal

When my gorgeous Rich and I decided to finally get married all we wanted to do was run off…tie the knot…then have a great big massive drunken 80’s disco party surrounded by a huge gang of family & friends

Our mothers were completely horrified …They remained horrified all the way through the build up… what about speeches? what about cutting the cake?… you can’t possibly first dance to “I still haven’t found what I am looking for ” by U2 !! ( we gave them that one )…


As much as they tried they didn’t really “get it”… mine perfected an eye roll of epic proportions and his resorted to impersonating the cat from Shrek and tearing up every time we mentioned “our wedding”

Eventually worn down by all the eye action and repeated requests to “let them help” we told them they could choose all the food and pick all the flowers….We ate like absolute kings, the place looked like a florists shop and we still didn’t cut the cake but two very happy mums partied with us like it was 1999 and we had a complete ball

I have shot in the most incredible of places over my 4 years as a wedding photographer with THE fabbest of couples

From ruined Castles to Tipi’s in a field… hand fasting in the rain to sunny towers in Italy… in the middle of  Zoo’s to race horse stud farm’s… Cathedrals to tiny tin Churches… dancing on the beach to cocktails in Museums

Each as perfect as the couples who chose to show “their ” love in “their” own unique way 

And I loved every single flipping one of them

I shoot your wedding just as it is… without any fuss or hours of formals
Beautiful pic’s… some kick arse portraits and just enough formality to stop the mums killing us
If this sounds like you…we need to talk “

Andrea x


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