Janine & Mullin….. a date in the quarry

September 23, 2014 | Engagements

I have known Mullin since he was this big * puts hand at waist height*….. he is one of my lovely sons lovely oldest friends and the boy is just gorgeous ….he and a large circle of mates were regular visitors at my house…more noticeably it seems when ever I went away and all the lads moved in….shock horror …it was always spotless when I came home and I only ever found out about their drunken parties when I Facebook stalked their photo albums to find my living room featured heavily… or when the neighbours tracked me down in France to say the party was in its third day and could we get them to turn the music down a bit…..true story!

So then….Janine rang me …..Andrea will you please shoot mine and Ricks wedding…I have known Janine for years too through her mum….. so of course I happily agree ….turn up to meet her and “Rick”

only to find MULLIN ….. the only name I ever knew him by

So NOBODY is happier to see these two tying the knot…..they are both super lovely apart and even lovelier together….and I for one can. not. wait.

You will have to wait until next year for their wedding but this shoot was a secret mission….and all will be revealed soon

hope you love these as much as I do …oh ….meet Mullin and Janine on a “normal day”  anyone who knows these two will tell you that this is normal for these two


Andrea x


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