Carrie & Rob…. A Jedburgh stud farm wedding

March 11, 2015 | Weddings

well…. It’s been an eventful few weeks to say the least ….

For those of you who don’t know…  I was rushed into hospital with viral meningitis and I wouldn’t flipping wish it on anyone…

We take so much about our health for granted..I know I did…and its been a valuable lesson to me to relax more… eat well… and stop running around quite so much…and just generally stop being a mile a minute div !… hard to do when you are a fidgety ball of energy who bores easily… but I must say I have actually enjoyed just chilling took me a week to get used to it but you kind of have to when you are chained to a hospital bed by a piece of rubber pipe attached to a needle for 8 hours a day… even if I had to eat beef every single bloody day for my dinner as it was between that and chicken…and it didn’t look remotely like “happy chicken” to me it was beef with rice…beef with potato… beef with veg…beef with veg and potato …I could go on !

Anyway…after a week of drips and tablets and beef …I am back at home …..well and truly on the mend ….fully rested and restored and I am already itching to get my camera back in my hand and started on what looks to be another amazing year of weddings ( with some lovely “me” days pencilled on my calendar in red to remind me to recharge my physically batteries as well as my camera ones )

So….before my new season really kicks off I thought I would use a bit of my down time and share a wedding from last year …

YES … blogging IS relaxing !

When Carrie & Rob contacted me and asked me to shoot their wedding in Scotland and I absolutely “jumped” at it….even more so when they told me it would be on Carries family racehorse stud farm…it was everything I imagined and even more besides

so… sit back… enjoy…..and remember … life doesn’t have to be a mad steeplechase .. sometimes it’s just as enjoyable to plod gently for a while and enjoy the view along the way

love Andrea



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