Justine & Lewis ….

March 25, 2013 | Weddings

Dear Justine…when you rang me in a panic because the wedding photographer for Peckforton Castle was taken ill just two weeks before your wedding I was so happy I could help….

Sometimes fate twists our paths and spins us into places we never thought we would be …. last year as I penciled a line through Valentines day to make sure I didn’t book a wedding so I could spend the time with the man I love ..I never thought for a minute that wouldn’t happen

And then you called….. the chances of you finding another photographer in such a short time and for a busy date such as valentines were probably slim…. my husband felt the same as me that your needs where more important than a meal and a bottle of wine so we changed our date to another night and I got to celebrate your wedding with you…and I am so glad I did…

I loved you and your wedding

I am so fortunate fate sent you my way

love Andrea x


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