Katie & Tad… A Manchester War Museum Engagement

September 15, 2013 | Engagements

Dear Andrea…. Dry your eyes princess !

I know you have been proper fed up….. overworked and overwhelmed …. I see you peep through your  fingers at the editing “to do” list and see it growing ever longer as fast as you try and clear it down…  the knot in your tummy just churning all day … thought’s of weddings and E shoots not even sneak peaked yet constantly whizzing in your head… BUT you  need a proper good talking to

Your summer of weddings is now nearly over…the madness will soon settle.. the backlog will be caught up… all WILL be well again…

You bloody love your job and on days like these you need a sharp reminder of just how incredibly lucky you are doing something you love AND getting paid for it..

I wish dear old Dad was still around and knew that you are now living his dream of being a photographer as I know he would be simply chuffed to bits.

Most people would kill to be doing a job they love so much…so pull yourself together …. dust yourself down and simply get on with it ..

Why don’t you go blog that cracking little E-shoot you have been sitting on for a century to cheer yourself up …you know…the one with the soldier and his stunning bride to be…  the complete fitties !

OH…and open the wine…I know it’s a school night but you work hard so sod it !


Andrea xx



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