My Secret Italy… Carina & Carl the days before

August 29, 2013 | personal, Uncategorized, Weddings

This year I was lucky enough to venture out again to one of my favourite places on Earth….

Santa Maria Di Castellabate in Campania, Italy to shoot the gorgeous wedding of Carina & Carl.

It’s truly hard to explain how Santa Maria draws you in…  a wonderful mix of ingredients each playing it’s own unique part

the open friendly charm of the people… even after 9 months away they remembered my name

the sweet little town itself… quiet yet busy… the chatter constant in the square… it’s array of quaint little shops and cafes

the very air around you makes you want to fill your lungs until they burst…

and the sea!… in shades of aquamarine you never thought possible, clear and crystalline as you walk straight in and feel enveloped by it’s warmth …

it’s all these ingredients all tossed together in that casual way that only the Italians seem to manage that helps to create a little slice of pure magic.

So special that I almost don’t want to share incase everybody finds it and the precious bubble bursts

Carina & Carl….

I loved every second of our time together in Santa Maria

I am so happy you asked me along to capture your memories of your wedding day….but it was more than that…  much more …

and only those that were there will truly ever know what I mean… sometimes words are simply not enough

Here are just some of the moments and places we shared in our first two days there before your wedding on top of the incredible Torre Perrotti…

morning coffee by the poolside… the leisurely walks round the town… sunsets and cocktails in the square …. the vintage car ride up the mountain

Not only did I feel a complete part of your adventure ( you and your brilliant family and friends saw to that)

but one of the biggest bonuses for me was getting to spend yet another fab and fun times with THE MOST AMAZING WEDDING PLANNER EXTRAORDINAIRE

Julie Mckenzie…  you really have created

My Secret Italy

part two…The Wedding Day… coming very very soon 


  1. Mandy B

    Wow love these, looks a like the perfect dream wedding location … good job they had the perfect dream wedding photographer x

  2. sarah jane sadler

    Oh my word Andrea! Amazing! Look at that car..I love this wedding and love your work! Xx

  3. pauline parker

    Andrea your photographes are truly amazing you make us think we are there and they always bring tears to my eyes. All my love Pauline xxxxx

  4. Laura

    Amazing photos xxx

  5. Lucy W

    I adore EVERYTHING about this. You are a photography genius in my eyes! Watch this space because everyone is going to want day/ week before wedding photographs now and after, please tell me you have after too because I just LOVE this! What a happy, lovely, beautiful bunch of people and lucky too… lucky to have you to capture not only their big day but the whole atmosphere of the WHOLE thing xxx



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