Conversations with……….. Lily

January 6, 2014 | personal

This Is Lily…

I love this kid to bits…..

Aunty Andya…are you taking photo’s of me ?… what shall I do?

what do you want to do?

jump…I want to jump

so we jumped..

“my favourite number ? …. 5 ..because I am 5…   I think I might change it when I am 6 and then I will always remember how old I am “

” I love my mum the most…she tells me she loves me …like..  ALL.THE.TIME. and we both love chocolate too…we both like lots of the same things ““once I saw this rhino on TV …it was a baby…it was the littlest rhino I have ever seen…I really really love animals… when I grow up I am going to be a a zoo…so I can make the baby rhino’s happy”” I made a butterfly was a daddy butterfly…. it was blue…. so it must be a boy… boys aren’t allowed to wear pink” 

“My Uncle Johnnie is the nicest person in the whole world…he is just so nice to me… all the time… every day”
…. ” I love my bag…its not hello kitty though” … ” if I go up there I will just fall straight back down…so I will just stay here nice and safe”

…”my favourite colour?… all of them…how could you choose”

” my mummy says you shouldn’t sit on cold things” 

” I like my Kiss t-shirt..but I haven’t ever seen them…. I like shout it out loud best….. not as much as I like Hey -Ho but Uncle Johnnie hates that so I just don’t tell him” … … ” they have painted faces… its all a bit silly & crazy”  … ” Annaroundthecorner is my very best friend “

…”I like these boots… can you take a photo?” ……” Aunty Bic won’t mind if I have a chocolate muffin for my dinner ….. but I think I will get a ham toasty just in case”
…” you should always use a straw so you don’t get a moustache… have I got a moustache ? ” ..

” we should always all say Please .. it makes people happy ….then the World would be happy… we should all say please all the time….

Jacob doesn’t say please ALL the time…but I still love him anyway ..he is my boyfriend “


  1. Kay

    way beyond cute and good taste in music already 🙂 Great photos of this gorgeous girl x

  2. Mandy B

    OMG! Lily is such a sweetie, love that every colour is her favourite, so cute x

  3. Sue Daly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these….. my fav ever!!!!! You genius you!! These are soooo Lily with her cheeky smile and gorgeous hair. This has inspired me to get out and take some pics of the kids as I haven’t done that for ages. xx


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