Rebecca & Nick…A tattooed beauty of a wedding at The Master Builders, Hampshire

November 11, 2015 | Weddings

I havent blogged for flipping ages it seems…. a summer ram packed full of weddings and edits has put paid to that… but as Winter approaches

 ( although judging by my dog walk this morning its already bloody here…how did that happen ? ) my weddings aren’t coming at me in quite as quick fire succession like buses anymore so I am taking an hour or so to blog… its been a looooooooooong time !!! good job good old apple remembered my log in password as I have no clue what the heck it is now….

I just know it has at least three olympic medal winning swear words…a line of a nursery rhyme… a random number and a capital letter…

( F !! … cant you tell I was pissed off trying to get one accepted )

Anyway….. what better way to break my blogging drought than with this one ….

I absolutely god damn LOVE LOVE LOVE this gang !!!

I met them first in Italy when I shot Carina and Carl’s wedding and it was a blast to see them all again at Rebecca & Nicks gorgeous wedding at The Master Builders in Hampshire.… I honestly felt like I was at the wedding of a big gang of old friends and the large wine that was thrust in front of me the second I arrived  pretty much set the tone to what was an amazing two days

Rebecca & Nick…. Carina & Carl and all the rest of you beautiful beautiful people …can we do it again next year ?


  1. sandy

    Absolutely gorgeous weddign Andrea, what a fab couple, love them all x

  2. Rebecca Fletcher

    OH my God! I absolutely love this 🙂
    Thank you so much for being there on our special day, it would never have been anyone but you shooting us. It was like having your favourite crazy auntie there and, I must say the stories the night before about crusty feet had me in utter stitches!
    I love you millions, you insanely talented and fabulous woman!

    Thank you


  3. admin

    hahahaha no way you remembered that !!!!!! hahahahah I’m actually piddling here !!!!!

  4. Claire Robinson

    Love your words. Your photos make me weep they are so gorgeous!!!! How can one lady be so talented? Xxxx


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