Sibiu… I left my heart

November 5, 2014 | personal

This summer we flew into Bucharest and after a week at the beach … crossed back over the border from Bulgaria into Romania on the car ferry over The Danube

 then ambled through the beautiful countryside behind plodding horse and cart’s

eventually arriving at the Medieval walled city of Sibiu in Transylvania …

 We walked through the archway in the old walls and arrived into what can only be described as heaven…

sigh… it’s just heartbreakingly beautiful

Cosmopolitan in the extreme… peaceful yet lively … ancient yet modern …

Walking and exploring… drinking beer and the nicest of local wines at less than £1 a glass

Embracing the cafe culture completely… spending hours just people watching and relaxing in the square which was alive with activity and music

We dined out for every meal… after catching a breeze full of the smell of home cooked local food nothing I could prepare would even come close… just bliss

( for a family of four it was simply incredible value at less than £100 a day for every single thing we ate and drank I kid you not )

The Romanian people were friendly beyond belief and we all honestly loved every single second

would we go again?


I need to go back…

Sibiu … I left my heart behind

can you keep it until I return

My good friend Claire wrote an amazing piece on my travels over at the hilarious and information packed Travel Candy

and you can read about the beautiful apartment we stayed in and how we got there right here


  1. Mandy B

    Looks amazing x

  2. Cathanne

    Stunning photos as always Andrea xx

  3. Tracy

    What a delightful place! Take me with you next time!

  4. Sue Daly

    Love these pics! Fab post as usual xx


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