The Real Women Project… Sam’s Story

December 13, 2013 | personal

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” 
― Audrey Hepburn

I don’t know how it happened …..but we started a project it seem’s

A celebration …of life…of love…and of loving the skin we are in…

we are women…and we ARE all beautiful…

I am just blown away by the messages of support we have been getting and am simply thrilled that Sam ( who is a bloody amazing photographer) stepped in front of my lens to help pathe the way…

This is Sam’s story… and SHE is beautiful

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.” 
― Sophia Loren

SO..IT happened this year I turned 40…an age when traditionally people expect you to get depressed, go into denial & possibly start lying about their age, however for me it actually had the opposite effect.

As the BIG date loomed ever closer I started to think about my life…

My 20’s.. A manic..frenetic whirlwind…I got married….divorced… and finally married again..this time to the man of my dreams

I gave birth to two gorgeous and amazing boys ….then… with toddlers in tow we moved abroad so I could follow a job opportunity to be a singer… wow….a lot to pack into a decade!!!

My 20’s were a time when physically I felt I looked my best too, I was slim … confident and to be honest pretty happy with myself.


 My 30’s … less manic but still hugely significant..

We packed up and moved back to the UK and then had a beautiful baby girl and I also found a new passion in photography …a life changing thing for me

but deep down inside…I knew I wasn’t truly contented…not with myself anyway

I had piled on a few pounds… and it showed.. I became less outgoing and could feel my confidence ebbing away …

When we lived abroad singing for a living I loved nothing more than jumping on a stage to entertain the crowds… so to feel my confidence slipping away was just soul destroying

Singing had been my life and I missed it terribly… always wishing I’d done more… followed up more opportunities.

 Like most women I started to blame myself… focusing on the parts of myself I hated rather than focusing on the good bits (tbh I could rarely see any good bits)!

And then… with my 40’s ( a milestone age) fast approaching

IT happened…. suddenly… as if someone had simply flicked a switch inside my head…

 I began to see myself differently…yes… I am a few pounds heavier… so what!

I have wobbly bits.. some wrinkles and a few grey hairs… who cares !

when I look back at what I have done in my life….

 the things I have achieved…  a wonderful Husband who is also my best friend..  3 beautiful healthy children and a successful business…

It felt as if I had somehow earned my right of passage and it felt ok… I was ok

My life is good right now… really good

 My body may be ageing and slightly more battered than before

BUT..  it’s MY body…

it’s been to hell and back with me over the years

It may have been 40 years coming…but… I FINALLY have total respect and admiration for it!!!!

 and I can stand tall and say

I am Sam… and I am happy with ME




  1. Claire Penn Photography

    Wow. Just wow. Sam you look incredible… and I knew if anyone could confirm that for you it was Andrea. 🙂 xxxx

  2. Sam pommels

    You missy are one incredible lady…you put me totally at ease & I am overwhelmed by the images you created…I love you. Xx

  3. Fi e

    Wow …Andrea Ellison you are a genius xx

  4. katie Handley

    Sam u are beautiful inside and out!! Fab photos hun xx

  5. Samantha Ramsay

    Andrea these are gorgeous, what a beautiful lady Sam is xx

  6. Alyson

    *gasp* this is just AWESOME – Andrea you have just captured something so different here – strength and kick ass, womanliness, femininity and actual sexiness without being the classic ‘boudoir lingerie’ shoot, its just stunning, Sam you are AWESOME, you have made me want to do this and I could only hope that my kick ass could shine like yours – A-Freaking-Mazing

  7. Sue Daly

    Wow…. Amazing pics. Sam you are gorgeous xx

  8. Sarah Arnold

    Foxy Forty, you look amazing Sam! Our 40’s need to be reclaimed as a time that women are finally confident and sure of exactly who we are!! Coming up 40 in May and hoping to welcome my naughty forties with a flourishing 😉 x

  9. Sarah sadler

    Well mrs….you’ve only gone and bloody done it again! Sam you look so beautiful!!!! Love you rocked this xxxxx

  10. Jane P

    Stunning, sultry, sensual….how every woman should feel!! Sam you look absolutely gorgeous. Andrea you are a genius. Sign me up!!!!!

  11. Lucy Woodrow

    Just bloody fabulous. It is so refreshing to see this type of celebration of womanhood. Beautiful images, beautiful model xx

  12. Kismet

    Love them all!!!!!

  13. Mandy B

    WOW!!!!! Sam you are stunning! Andrea you are on fire!!!! LOVE these xxx


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