A Laid Back London Pub Wedding

March 10, 2020 | Featured, Weddings

I know I am normally of good chipper

happy if I can raise a smile off you my lovely blog readers ( all two of you lol )

I have typed this about five times trying my hardest to be a bloody little ray of shiny sunshine for you all

but it’s a shite ask this last couple of weeks… I just don’t have it in me no matter how hard I try…

so anyway here I am and this is my best shot

 A culmination of my birthday ( now just a permanent reminder that I no longer get to share another birthday with my Dad )

two sudden bereavements of sweet sweet people who made more of an impression on me than they will ever know

( I wish I had told them how much they brightened my life while I had the chance )

 One of them the elderly Dad of my dear departed best friend Mandi ( I will miss his chats and hugs just like I still miss hers )

Bittersweet in all honesty as I know it has been his wish to join her since she left us but a loss just the same of a true gentleman

The other…  my lovely lovely Doreen… my Slimming World Mum of ten years… sudden and heartbreaking

  I have been feeling overwhelmed…

drowning in memories I normally keep well buried because letting them surface just quite frankly hurts too much

I have done the only thing I know how to do when I feel life is closing in on me…

I have walked… wellies on… coat pulled up tight… one foot in front of the other… miles and miles… my scruffy little dog has never been happier

Mid walk today I shook myself off and decided I need to get a grip and maybe just fake it until I could make it again

and so…

 I thought I better throw myself into something… take my mind of stuff

Blogging always makes me feel better…. I use my personal posts as a dump for my soul often

Then this happened

Quietly browsing for something to blog

I found these two blessings … or maybe they found me… who knows

Their beautiful… bonkers… mental… crazy… brilliant… madness filled wedding day in London

A warm hug of a reminder that not all of my memories are melancholy…

Some are simply utterly joyous and fill me to the brim with bursting ear to ear happiness

Thank you Cat & Paul

I needed you today



  1. Sharron Black

    what an absolutely happy, fun filled, joyous day that looks! No wonder it made your spirits lift!

    Big hugs to you for your sads.

    keep doing what you do, and spreading those smiles far and wide, no matter how you feel inside…and remember always look upwards…never backwards

    love always

    me xxxx

  2. Mandy Rigby

    OMYLIFE !!
    Andrea…. what a beautiful beautiful wedding with so much love and fun !
    no wonder you felt so uplifted lovely girl !
    the company… the deliriously happy couple .. and the stunning venue !
    and you xxx
    well done ! its a corker !!

    I so feel for your loss… I truly do lovely xx

    BIG Love
    Mand xx

  3. Shirley

    Amazing photos Andrea. Your work speaks volumes and displays such happy times. Xxx

  4. Natalie

    Your work is as beautiful as you are inside and out. I’m so sorry you are going through so much pain at the minute. Keep on walking, keep on writing and shoot for you. I always shoot for me when I get overwhelmed and it helps so much. You are a wonderful person and I am so sure you lit a part of the life in each souls you have lost…..xx


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