A Relaxed Back Garden Wedding

March 12, 2020 | Featured, Weddings

Love displays itself in many ways… sometimes obvious… loud…triumphant and filled with utter joy… and sometimes… it can be the simplest of things.. a silent act of connection shared only with the person who holds your heart

 All of them move me … these little acts… I am the ultimate sucker for love … I cry when I am happy… always… its bloody ridiculous… I think when you find true happiness and love in your own life all you want is for others to feel its warmth…

and when you know someone else feels it too…


it gets me every single time

Hidden behind one of the columns in the church I was a curious witness to something so loving and touching it will stay with me always…

I watched as Larisa walked alone into the church… packed to the rafters with happy family and friends she joined Chris… ready to be married

As they met he gently kissed her and I saw him slip something quietly into her hand… surprised… her fingers curled around the secret gift and without a single peep… recognition swept her eyes… she blinked away the threatening tears… steadied herself… breathed out a big breath of air and emptied her lungs… and smiled a smile so warm I swear I can feel its heat still

Into her hand he had slipped a tiny wooden mouse… lovingly carved by her dad … a precious reminder that her dad was with them… sharing in their day.. at her side still… and as much in his thoughts as hers

A tiny act of love and complete thoughtfulness that Larisa… and I… will remember always

Welcome to the wedding of Larisa and Chris …a day filled with love … laughter and happiness from start to finish… it feels an age ago now and yet I can remember it like it was yesterday


Andrea x


  1. Claire Penn

    Absolutely beautiful wedding, beautifully shot. Your intro alone had me welling up. Write a book bitch. Mills & Boon for the new generation. 🙂 love ya xxxx

  2. Hannah

    That made me do a happy cry! I love the picture of her in the doorway on her tippy toes. Looks so young and happy. Like a childish care free happy!

  3. Mick Servodio

    Love your work. 🙂

  4. Mandy B

    Just gorgeous!!! Agree with Penn your get that book written xxxx


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